Libby Bestul

Outreach Specialistlibby_bestul
Position Priorities
  • Work closely with Integrated Specialists to develop and disseminate information about their activities to statewide user groups through the development of materials including newsletters, creating and maintaining websites, direct written communication, and in person.
  • Assist with designing curriculum including preparing training manuals and other materials.
  • Plan, schedule, promote, and coordinate events for the outreach functions of the integrated specialists including campus visits for speakers, collaborators, guest lecturers and user groups.
  • Facilitate communication between other faculty, the industry, students, etc…
  • Develop and monitor annual supplies and equipment budget and complete all purchasing for Integrated Specialists and supervise other support staff.
  • BS in Housing, with a Marketing and Management emphasis, University of Minnesota
  • MS in Organizational Dynamics, University of Pennsylvania
  • MBA Certificate, Minnesota Management Institute, University of Minnesota
Previous Professional Experience

Libby has an array of experience in business and academic settings.  She worked with the US Postal Service in a variety of positions in operations, marketing, finance, and human resources.  More recently Libby managed the College for Kids program at UW Richland, worked as a substitute teacher and she continues to do some general business consulting primarily related to budgeting, financing and planning.

Contact information:

Family Living Programs
UW-Madison School of Human Ecology/Cooperative Extension
4232 Nancy Nicholas Hall, 1300 Linden Dr.
Madison, WI 53706