Kadi Row

kadi_rowEvaluation Project Coordinator

Position Priorities

  • Provide leadership and coordination of evaluation projects for Family Living team priorities
  • Support evaluation efforts for several UW-Extension NIFA grants (food safety, health, etc…)
  • Conduct evaluation studies and support accountability and reporting functions within Family Living Programs


  • B.S. in Human Ecology, Public Policy, Rutgers University
  • M.S. in Land Resources, Educational Program Evaluation, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Previous Professional Experience

Kadi began her career in Extension in 1994, providing leadership for two Extension water quality education programs.  In 2001, Kadi joined Family Living Programs as a state specialist in the area of food security, a position she held until 2010.  More recently, Kadi served as an independent consultant providing a variety of educational program evaluation services to UW-Extension Family Living Programs

Contact Kadi at:

301B Extension Building
432 N Lake St
Madison, WI 53706
Phone: 608-265-9101
Fax: 608-263-7969
Email: kadi.row@ces.uwex.edu