Specialists Directory


Your local county Extension Family Living agent/educator is your first line of contact.
Please contact them with questions related to families.

State Contact:
Your state specialists provide expertise on a wide range of topics related to families.

Name Title Phone Email
Laurie Boyce State Program Director and
Assistant Dean, Cooperative Extension
 608-263-1095  laurie.boyce@ces.uwex.edu
Jackie Askins University Relations Specialist  608-262-8083  jackie.askins@ces.uwex.edu
Clifton Barber Program Specialist in Aging  608-890-3283  cbarber2@wisc.edu
Judi Bartfeld Food Security Research and Policy Specialist  608-262-4765  bartfeld@wisc.edu
Libby Bestul Outreach Specialist 608-262-2611 lbestul@wisc.edu
Nancy Brooks Program Specialist, East Metro & Northwest Region State Liaison  608-262-7886  nancy.brooks@ces.uwex.edu
Amber Canto Poverty and Food Security Specialist  608-265-4975  amber.canto@ces.uwex.edu
Anne Clarkson Digital Parenting Specialist 608-206-6317 anne.clarkson@ces.uwex.edu
Gayle Coleman Nutrition Education Program Specialist  608-265-8928  gayle.coleman@ces.uwex.edu
J. Michael Collins Family and Consumer
Economics Specialist
 608-616-0369  jmcollins@wisc.edu
Nancy Crevier Interim Health Literacy Specialist 715-732-7510 nancy.crevier@ces.uwex.edu
Teresa Curtis Nutrition Education Program
 608-262-3427  teresa.curtis@ces.uwex.edu
Laura Froyen Early Childhood Development and Parenting Specialist 608-263-4294 froyen@wisc.edu
Meg Gores University Relations Specialist  608-262-4563  meg.gores@ces.uwex.edu
Becky Gutzman Interim Food Preservation Specialist 608-742-9693 rebecca.gutzman@ces.uwex.edu
Mary Huser Program Specialist – Special Projects and State Liaison  608-265-3589  mary.huser@ces.uwex.edu
Barbara Ingham Food Safety Specialist  608-263-7383  bhingham@wisc.edu
Ann Keim Associate Program Director, Central
and Southern District State Liaison
 608-262-2453  ann.keim@ces.uwex.edu
Betsy Kelley Outreach Specialist  608-265-8785  kelley@nutrisci.wisc.edu
Nutrition Education Program Specialist  608-265-5069  shelley.king-curry@ces.uwex.edu
Amy (Alvig) Korth Nutrition Education & School
Breakfast Initiatives Specialist
 608-262-2453  amy.korth@ces.uwex.edu
Rebecca Mather Outreach Specialist  608-262-1115  rmather@wisc.edu
Peggy Olive Financial Capability Specialist 608-262-6766 polive@wisc.edu
Beth Olson Extension Nutrition Specialist 608-265-2108 beth.olson@ces.uwex.edu
Bev Phillips State WNEP Coordinator  608-262-0384  beverly.phillips@ces.uwex.edu
Linda Roberts Human Development Family
Relations Specialist
 608-263-2290  ljroberts@wisc.edu
Steve Small Human Development Family
Relations Specialist
 608-263-5688  sasmall@wisc.edu
Shelley Tidemann WAHCE State Liaison 920-929-3174 michelle.tidemann@ces.uwex.edu
Lori Zierl Interim FLP State Liaison 715-273-6781 lori.zierl@ces.uwex.edu
Tom Zinnen Biotechnology Education Specialist  608-265-2420  zinnen@biotech.wisc.edu